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We have a wide range of clients, so having an equally broad range of tools gives us the best fit for each person. 

Each method has its place; simple cases may only require simple tools; more complex cases require more complex tools and greater therapist involvement. 

QEEG BRAIN MAP (before sessions)

A QEEG brain map (or 'Q' for short) enables us to see your unique pattern of mental strengths and weaknesses - areas of the brain where there is over or under activity, and areas that are not coordinating the best they could. more...
With a list of your goals and your QEEG brain map, we get a good picture of what type of neurofeedback would be the best fit for you.
Our three neurofeedback modalities are...

One-to-one sessions (home or clinic)

We recommend this option for those with moderate to severe symptoms, medical conditons, autism spectrum disorders or brain injuries. 

All sessions are scheduled one-on-one with a professional neurofeedback therapist, either in the London clinic or with one of our remotely operated home systems.  details... 

Remotely supported sessions (home)

Brain Boost (remotely supported sessions)

We recommend this option for those with mild to moderate symptoms, or as a follow-up to Deep Brain sessions (above). 

Sessions are run at home. The sessions are automated (with remote support), complete with full QEEG brain mapping to update your training as you progress.  details...

Mini (home)

We recommend this option for a mild tune-up, peak performance, meditation training, or a pre-exam boost. 

The sessions are done at home; progress is remotely monitored, and the training updated by our team.  details...


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