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The brain mediates our perception – every wave of emotion, every thought, every sensation you have corresponds to activity in your brain. The brain drives our ability to pay attention, our emotional balance, central nervous system tone, autoimmune function and more. 

This makes the targeted brain training of neurofeedback relevant to a wide range of people, and applicable to a broad spectrum of conditions.

If you are suffering, then our goal is to reduce emotional or physical symptoms. If your goal is self-improvement, then our goal is to enhance and expand your mental and cognitive functioning. For children, our goal is self development and learning skills. Though people may come in for one issue, they often find a range of benefits in other areas. 

No matter your age, no matter what your starting point, we will design a brain training programme to help you move forward. 
People usually contact us with one of three goals in mind;
Peak Performance: Enhancing and expanding current mental and cognitive functioning. Athletes, Attorneys, CEOs, Musicians, Entrepreneurs and meditators are often found in this group. more...
SolutionsReducing symptoms for a particular issue that is bothering you. People who want to gain better control of their emotions, reactions, or symptoms are in this group. more...
Children and Teens: Building behavioural and attentional skills, or for developmental issues. Children on the Autism Spectrum are also in this group. more...