Traditional neurofeedback


The 'Mini' is our most basic neurofeedback system; a low-cost consumer EEG headset adapted for professional use. 

It is perfect for very simple cases, a mild tune-up, peak performance, meditation training, or a pre-exam boost. We often suggest it as a low-cost follow up to Deep Brain or Brain Boost neurofeedback sessions. 


Sessions are run at home. Simply place the sensor on your scalp, and our custom tailored software takes care of the rest.

For the first session, we are there to walk you through the process. The balance of the sessions are monitored remotely, and we update your training plan as needed. 

What is traditional neurofeedback?

Traditional neurofeedback has been used for decades with great success. Its ease of use makes it the most common type of neurofeedback available, and it is found in most neurofeedback practices.

The custom addition we have made to this method is easy automation of the sessions, significanly reducing therapist time and (most importantly) session cost. 

Compared to Deep Brain or our Brain Boost neurofeedback, it does require far more sessions to see results (generally 3X and 4X the number of sessions respectively), and those results may not be as specific to your goals as with more advanced equipment.

However, at such a reasonable cost, it is a good option for simple cases or when your budget is the primary concern. 


The 'Mini', having only 2 sensors, is not capable of recording a QEEG. If you haven't had sessions with us before, you will need a brain map ahead of time so that we can create your training plan. 

Initial QEEG £170
First 30 sessions (30 day tune-up) £649
30 additional sessions (30 days) £399

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